• April 8, 2020
  • New York
vaping is bad

Why Vaping Is Bad?

Electronic cigarettes haven’t yet been proven to be as disastrous for your health as traditional forms of smoking and chewing tobacco. That’s primarily because they entered the market unregulated, and little is known about what substances specific products contain. Manufacturers must now register with the Food and Drug Administration but have until 2018 to submit an application detailing their products’ contents. The executive summary of what is known is that electronic cigarettes impart no health benefits, while subjecting users and bystanders to harmful chemicals and putting users at risk for nicotine addiction. Vaping trend is everywhere, especially among your people it is popular but it has some bad effects which are discussed here. Also Read: How sitting less improves your health?

What is Vape or Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes contain a battery, heating element, and cartridge. Inside the cartridge is nicotine that’s been extracted from tobacco and mixed with a base, liquids, and flavorings. After the cartridge is lit, users inhale the burned substances and then exhale a vapor (hence the term “vaping”).

Vaping Is Bad!

One of the two main concerns with vaping is the nicotine, a highly addictive substance. Studies have found the amount of nicotine in electronic cigarettes to vary widely. The amount of nicotine delivered also differs among devices. Nicotine has been shown to hurt maternal and fetal health, and impair brain development in children and adolescents. It can also cause cardiovascular problems. The big unknown about electronic cigarettes is what chemicals are in the cartridge liquid. What has been learned isn’t good. The FDA has found known carcinogens and toxins in products it has tested. Some of the flavoring chemicals are known to be harmful when consumed. Other flavoring chemicals are safe when added to foods but have not been shown to be safe when inhaled through electronic cigarettes. Analyses of the emissions of electronic cigarettes have found formaldehyde and other known carcinogens and toxins, strongly suggesting that exposure to others’ vaping is dangerous. Furthermore faulty or clone vapes or electronic cigarettes can be prone to explosion and it must be taken under consideration. Also Read: Do you need special clothes or shoes for workout?


Health experts say that conventional, proven tobacco-cessation programs are preferable to vaping for people who are trying to quit traditional smoking. However vaping should not be done for a lifestyle, it can cause some bad effects and can be dangerous.

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