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motivation to live a healthy lifestyle

How To Stay Motivated To Live A Healthy Lifestyle?

If you have any experience practicing yoga, you may have come across the idea of setting a motivation. I want you to set a motivation for the day each morning. This is a loose idea, at least the way I want you to use it. It can be a dedication, an attitude, a wish, a mission statement, an inspirational quote, a focal point—anything that sets the tone for how you want your day to unfold. Think of your intention as a seed, a kind of potential, that has the power to grow into something big as you cultivate and nurture it. Motivations are not the same as goals, but they can help guide you toward your goals. They can motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle. Name your goals. They can and should be both large and small. Why are you doing the program? What do you want to change about your body or your life? What do you want to accomplish in the next week? In the next month? The next year?

Set Your Goals

Some people find this process really uncomfortable. Do it anyway. Don’t be superstitious, afraid of failing, or scared to say your goals out loud or write them down. Admit them to yourself. Don’t expect to achieve them overnight. My clients who are able to maintain weight loss and a healthy lifestyle understand that setting goals means you risk disappointing yourself and that you improve the possibility of learning from yourself and figuring out how to do better tomorrow. Once you have set some goals for yourself and are ready to start The Program, you’ll want to take a minute or two each morning on The Program to set a motivation for the day that helps you stay on track towards those goals. Also Read: Should I workout Alone or in a Group?

What’s Your Motivation?

Remember, this is not a to-do list; it’s a way to bring focus and meaning to the start of your day. You don’t have to write it down, but I think it helps. You can jot it as a note on your phone, send an email to yourself, write it out in a notebook dedicated to this practice—whatever works for you. Motivations are extremely personal. Examples of motivations people have shared with me include:

“I am going to get up and move today.”

“Today I’m going to say I can.”

“I am going to be brave today.”

“I am strong.”

“I am lovable.”

“I am loved.”

“I am good.”

“I am beautiful.”

“I will earn my body today.”

“I’m going to go the extra mile today.”

“I am worth it.”

Find Your Motivation For Healthy Lifestyle

I want you to try this even if it feels weird or awkward. It is a small thing that I have seen be a powerfully effective tool to keep people on track when they are establishing new habits. There are other ways to do it. You might find your daily intention in a photograph of a place or person you love, or one that reminds you of somewhere (or a state of mind) that you want to be. Visualizing is a common training tool for athletes. They visualize themselves performing correctly over and over, and when they train, they visualize themselves getting stronger and reaching a specific goal. You can do this, too. And it doesn’t have to just be in your imagination. Having a picture of yourself that you like or of someone or some thing that inspires you or reminds you of where you want to be can be a good motivator. I have a client who uses images to set her motivations, and she will take a screen shot of something inspiring to look at and set it on the lock screen on her phone each day. Figure out what motivates you or what you’re excited about for the day and take a minute to set your focus.

Why Motivation Is Important For Healthy Lifestyle?

Being conscious of your motivations is a crucial component of living well. It is so important to be positive, to focus on the healthy behaviors you are engaging in and the reasons why you’re changing. Every day is a new day and another opportunity to do it better. Setting intentions helps to remind yourself of that, and is even more important after those days when you are inevitably going to make choices you regret. If you screwed up last night, move forward. Notice how you felt. You need to remember that feeling and use it to stay powerful in the new day when setting your new intention. Also Read: 50 best full body workout you can try at home

Go Extra Miles

If you find you have time in the morning and enjoy the process of writing, you can expand on the morning intention and write in more detail about how you’re feeling and what you’re excited about. Don’t feel pressured to do that; setting the intention is enough. But some people want to go deeper. Vision boards also work for certain people. This is a bulletin or poster board where you display or arrange images that represent where you want to be in any or all areas of your life. Think of it as a kind of visual map of photographs, drawings, quotations, or anything else that inspires you and connects you with your dreams. If you are the crafty type, go for it and make one, then look at it purposefully in the morning or just have it around where your subconscious mind can take it in. Visualizing success can reinforce your motivations and your willpower.

Hello there, I am a fitness expert and love helping people to have their massive transformation. Follow my guide, tips and tricks and your will definitely get your fitness goals.

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