• April 8, 2020
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breakfast helps in weight loss

How Eating Breakfast Helps To Lose Weight

Here are a few reasons breakfast has earned its reputation for importance. (Notice I didn’t say “most important.” Meals are like your children—love them all equally.). Eating breakfast regularly can help in weight loss. Breakfast should not be neglected as it is the first meal after long fast. Here are some importance of weight loss.

Importance Of Breakfast

After any meal, your blood sugar rises, and then your pancreas produces insulin to move the sugar into your cells for them to use as energy. Having steady blood sugar means that your levels are relatively flat throughout the day (there will also be some increase after eating), in which case your energy level shouldn’t fluctuate greatly during the day.

Blood Sugar And Breakfast

When you wake, you’ve probably gone without calories for longer than any other stretch in a twenty-four-hour period. If you then don’t eat until midday, your blood sugar level will continue to fall throughout the morning. Then when you do have lunch, your blood sugar level will rise much more rapidly than if you’d eaten breakfast. Over time, having large variations in blood sugar levels reduces your insulin sensitivity—glucose doesn’t enter your cells as easily, so it builds up in your blood. Reduced insulin sensitivity can lead to developing type 2 diabetes. Also Read: Causes of Diabetes

Benefits Of Eating Breakfast

In contrast, research has found that people who regularly eat breakfast have improved insulin sensitivity, with the result that their blood sugar is more stable after all meals. Many other benefits have been linked to having more stable blood sugar levels, including being more active before noon and having improved cognitive functioning on tasks like memory, attention, and processing speed in the morning. Most studies have found that breakfast eaters have better-quality diets than breakfast skippers. Some studies have found that breakfast skippers wind up eating more total calories in a day than breakfast eaters. Also Read: Should I Workout Alone Or In A Group

Breakfast Helps In Weight Loss

If you’re not a breakfast eater and have no appetite in the morning, bear in mind that breakfast doesn’t have to be large. A small bowl of cereal or yogurt and fruit might contain 500 to 600 calories, or about a quarter of most people’s daily needs. Like all meals, a good breakfast supplies a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

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