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best workout from home without using equipment

50 Best Full Body Workouts You Can Do At Home In 20 Minute

Workouts have a majority of their exercises focusing on a specific area of the body, but every workout includes at least one exercise for each body part. This is to ensure that regardless of the workouts you choose to perform, you are balancing all the muscles in your body. Everyone has different exercise preferences, as well as strengths and weaknesses in different muscles of the body. It is recommended that you perform at least one of each of the full-body, upper-body, and lower-body workouts per week. Abdominal exercises are an inherent part of every workout, so it is not necessary to perform a specific abdominal workout every week. Here is a complete list of workouts you can do at home without any equipment. You can do these workouts at home in 20 minute. There are some bonus at home workouts using dumbbells that you can include in your daily routine.

How To Do Full Body Workouts?

All the included workouts are designed to have you perform each movement for thirty seconds, to elevate your heart rate to the high-intensity range, with ten seconds of rest in between movements. This ten-second rest period allows just enough time for a short recovery. A recovery period enables you to achieve a high level of intensity during the intervals. Without a rest between these high-intensity bouts, significant fatigue would set in and you would have to decrease the intensity in order to finish the workout. If the rest period is too long, your body doesn’t experience enough stress to force a change.

Full Body Workouts Without Equipment

To repeat the workout multiple times, allow thirty seconds between each round (also known as a circuit). Never feel as if you have to rush through exercises. Doing it right is what will make the difference in your health. Also, multiple circuits in a workout do not have to merely be repetitions of the same workout. For example, you could perform a circuit of an upper-body workout, follow with a full-body workout, and finish with an abdominal circuit to get three total circuits in twenty minutes. With exercise combinations, you have nearly unending options for variety. The workouts are designed to be done without equipment. However, prior to beginning a workout you should have the following:

  • Sturdy chair that can hold your body weight
  • Stopwatch, timer or interval app
  • Towel or mat (optional)

To complete the workout perform each exercise for 30 seconds and rest between each exercise for 10 seconds. You can rest between circuits for 30 seconds.

Benefits of 20 Minute Full Body Workout

These workout programs were designed with you, the busy, time-strapped adult, in mind. Sometimes you have twenty minutes to dedicate to exercise, while at other times you may barely have five. That’s why I’ve included three options, depending on the amount of time you have to exercise. In all of these circuits, you’ll keep your heart rate elevated by moving from one exercise to the next, resting only the allotted ten seconds between exercises. Here are the benefits you’ll get from each circuit round:

One Circuit Under 7 Minutes

Boost energy, clear “brain fog,” feel great. Quite often, just getting started with a program is the toughest part, so beginning with a quick five-, six-, or seven-minute workout may be the way to go. Even this short stint of exercise will give you an energy boost. You’ll feel great, and, who knows, it may lead to longer workouts in the future.

Two Circuits Under 15 Minutes

Improve heart, lung, and brain health; increase overall fitness. Research has shown that in as little as about fifteen minutes, you can improve your heart, lungs, and brain, in addition to significantly increasing your feel-good hormones.

Three Circuits About 20 Minutes

Burn fat, shape the body, lose weight, significantly improve health and well-being. Twenty minutes of carefully designed, targeted exercise can effect dramatic health, energy, and body improvements.

Make It A Daily Routine

To get the maximum health and fitness benefits, I recommend completing three circuits whenever possible. When you first start exercising, you may not be able to achieve that—that’s completely normal—and you may need to work your way up to three circuits. It will give you something to strive for. Performing these workouts three to four days per week, in addition to any other active hobbies you have, is also ideal. While these are the guidelines I recommend, never forget that merely getting some movement on a daily basis will change your life for the better. If you miss a day, or can only exercise for a few minutes on any given day, that’s OK. It’s time to get started with these workouts you can perform anywhere to improve your health, your body, and your life!

Safety Guidelines For These Home Workouts

I create fitness programs for people at all different fitness levels because no single program is right for everyone. It’s important to meet with your doctor prior to starting any fitness program, particularly a program that includes high-intensity training like this one. Once you’ve received a clean bill of health, be sure to tailor your exercise program to determine the safest, most effective intensity for your training. The intensity of exercise is what ultimately determines its safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. Monitoring your heart rate and how you feel during exercise are the most common ways to measure exercise intensity. Talk to your doctor about determining the safest, most effective exercise heart rate for you. And always pay attention to how you feel during your workouts. Exercising at intensities that make you sick, dizzy, or otherwise impaired can have a serious negative effect on your health. Regardless of the hype, it actually does more harm than good and is not recommended. Now lets get started with the actual workout that you can perform without any dumbbells or equipment.

Full Body Workout Without Using Dumbbells Or Any Gym Equipment

#1 10s and 2s

best workouts from home in 20 minutes

#2 Agility Circles

#3 Alternating Supermans

#4 Balance Reaches Left

#5 Balance Reaches Right

#6 Bicycles

#7 Burpees

#8 Cross Body V Ups

#9 Crunches

#10 Curtsy Lunges


Best Bodyweight Workouts At Home

You can enjoy these exercises from home. Also Read: Do you need special clothes or shoes to workout?

#11 Diagonal Lunges

#12 Dive Bomber Push Ups

#13 Double Crunches

#14 Hello Dollies

#15 Hightail Push Ups

#16 Jumping Jacks

#17 Jump Lunges

#18 Jump Squats

#19 Lateral Lunges

#20 Lunges


Best Exercises Without Equipment

Here is a complete list of exercises that you can perform at home without any equipment for fast fat loss and sound health. Include these exercises in your daily routine to have good health. This exercises can be performed under 20 minutes at recommended to perform early in the morning at empty stomach.

#21 Mountain Climbers


#22 Plank

#23 Plank To Push Up

#24 Primal Step Ups


#25 Prisoners

#26 Push Up and Rotate


#27 Push Ups

#28 Push Up Spiders

#29 Reverse Lunge And Rotate


#30 Reverse Lunges


No Equipment Workout Routine For Beginners

Although these exercises are targeted to beginners but it can performed by anyone and anywhere. These exercises help in maximum calorie burn and quick fat loss. Do these exercises regularly for fast results. Also Read: A Beginners Guide To Resistance Training

#31 Shadow Boxing

#32 Side Plank Left

#33 Side Plank Right

#34 Skater Plyos


#35 Sports Sprints

#36 Squats

#37 Step Up Squats

#38 Surfers

#39 Swimmers

#40 Toe Touches


Bodyweight Workouts For Mass

#41 Triceps Dip and Reach

#42 Triceps Dips

#43 Worm Walkouts


Full Body Workout At Home Using Dumbbells

These exercise can be performed at home using dumbbells. These are the bonus exercises for you that you can perform using simple dumbbells. Select the weight of dumbbell as per your preference. If you don’t have dumbbell you can use any kind of weights like filled water bottles, thick books and more. Also Read: A complete list of Strength Training Exercises

#44 Dumbbell Upright Row

Dumbbell Upright Row


#45 Dumbbell Biceps Curl



Dumbbell Biceps Curl

#46 Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Dumbbell Lateral Raise


#47 Dumbbell Squat

Dumbbell Squat

#48 Dumbbell Step-Up

Dumbbell Step-Up

#49 Dumbbell One-Arm Row

Dumbbell One-Arm Row

#50 Dumbbell Chest Press

Dumbbell Chest Press


Adding Variation To Your Workout Routine

While the fifty workouts detailed in this article will keep your workout regime fresh for a long time, with a few adjustments you can continue to add challenges to these programs for months—even years! Here are some ways to modify the program to create new challenges, even after you’ve done all the workouts.

  • Time: Increase the work time for each movement to forty seconds. Do not change the rest time.
  • Repetitions: After you’ve increased the work time, try doing repetitions as slowly as possible. Try a “two seconds up, two seconds down” cadence. That would allow about ten repetitions in forty seconds. See if you can do it.
  • Weight vest or backpack: While bodyweight exercises are a convenient and highly effective way to get fit, you may reach a point of fitness where your own weight isn’t challenging anymore. Instead of gaining weight (which is very rarely the goal of a program), add a weight vest or a backpack to increase the challenge of the exercises.
  • Supersets: Instead of doing an exercise and resting ten seconds, do two or three exercises back to back with no rest. Absolutely none! One exercise flows into the next. After this is completed, rest for thirty seconds. This is a great challenge for advanced exercisers.
  • Workout combinations: If you choose to do a circuit more than once (highly recommended for maximum results), do a different exercise circuit each time. For example, instead of completing circuit 1 three times, do circuit 1 once, circuit 2 once, and circuit 3 once. This gives you variety within your workout day.


Perform these workouts from home regularly without any equipment and achieve fat loss fast. These workouts can let you not go to gym and lose some extra kilos. Some of the workouts mentioned above can also be performed using dumbbells. Enjoy!

















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