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full body workout at home

10-Minute Full Body Workout You Can Do At Home

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regular exercise is one of the most significant things you can do for your health. Frequent exercisers experience a decreased likelihood of heart disease, certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, depression, sleep irregularity, osteoporosis, neurological dysfunction, and a host of other health problems. While it’s widely accepted that physical activity from daily exercise can improve health, I still encounter resistance from the time-strapped, energy-deprived masses who struggle to find the minutes or motivation to “get to the gym.” The good news for all is that exercise need not be confined to the gyms, tracks, and studios of the world. A beneficial workout requires no special equipment, costs nothing, and is accessible to anyone with a floor and a chair. Here I present you 10 minute full body workout plan that you can do at home. Include these exercises in your daily routine and get a healthy body. It is recommended to perform these exercises early in the morning and empty stomach.

Best Home Workout No Equipment

Strategic, high-intensity workouts are often cited in the research on efficient exercise. This type of regimen, known as “high-intensity interval training,” is currently being used by millions of people around the world to get results from exercise in a short amount of time. In high-intensity interval training, you significantly elevate your heart rate, usually to about 90 percent of your maximum, for a short period of time. Recovery time is usually either at full rest or at an intensity at or below about 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. Interval training and high-intensity interval training programs are alternatives to long-duration, low-intensity aerobic training, which has long been embraced by the fitness crowd.

10 Minute Full Body Workout

These exercises were strategically selected because they are extremely effective. Nearly all of them increase the heart rate while improving strength and flexibility. If you find that any particular exercise is painful or too advanced for you, simply select another exercise for that body part. Practice the exercises at your own pace, but remember that when you advance to the fifty detailed workouts, you’ll perform each exercise for thirty seconds with a ten-second rest.

#1 Agility Circles

10 minutes full body workout
Figure 1: Agility Circles

Agility Circles will increase your heart rate and provide a unique challenge.

1 Place this book on the floor and stand about 6 inches/15 cm in front of the book.

2 Begin moving your feet quickly while facing forward, moving in a clockwise circle around the book as quickly as possible.

3 Once you have completed a clockwise rotation, return in a counterclockwise direction as quickly as possible.

4 Repeat, alternating clockwise and counterclockwise motions, taking care to face forward the entire time (i.e., do not run in a circle).


#2 Burpees

10 minutes full body workout
Figure 2: Burpees

Burpees increase your heart rate while burning calories.

1 Begin by standing upright with arms straight up in the air.

2 Squat down and place hands on the ground outside of the feet.

3 Jump both legs back in one motion, ending in a Push-Up position.

4 Return to a squat by hopping both knees back toward the chest, ending in the same position as in Step 2.

5 Return to the start position and repeat.


#3 Jumping Jacks

10 minute full body workout
Figure 3: Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks raise your heart rate quickly, increasing your ability to burn fat.

1 Begin standing upright with feet together, arms hanging straight down on either side.

2 Hop the legs apart while simultaneously bringing the arms up laterally from the body, so that the palms touch above the head when the feet land outside of shoulder width.

3 Rapidly return to the starting position by hopping the legs back together and returning the arms straight down to the side.

4 Repeat in a rhythmic manner.


#4 Mountain Climbers

10 minute full body workout
Figure 4: Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers improve core strength while increasing the heart rate.

1 Begin in a Push-Up position.

2 Rapidly bring the right knee up to the chest while maintaining the Push-Up position.

3 When the right knee is as close to the chest as possible, begin extending your leg while simultaneously bringing the other knee to your chest.

4 Rapidly alternate this motion.


#5 Shadow Boxing

10 minutes full body workout
Figure 5: Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing requires upper- and lower-body agility and coordination.

1 Begin by standing with one foot in front of the other, about shoulder-width apart, knees bent, weight on the balls of the feet.

2 Create fists with both hands and bring them in front of the face, in a boxer’s position, with the elbows bent.

3 Begin alternating punches with the right and left hands while you move your feet forward, back, and side to side in a random fashion.

4 Mix the cadence and types of punches. For example, do two left-hand punches followed by a right-hand, then switch. Every five to ten punches, add a squat to dodge an imaginary opponent’s punch. Attempt to execute about thirty punches in thirty seconds.


#6 Sports Sprints

10 Minute full body workout
Figure 6: Sports Sprints

Sports Sprints help increase the heart rate and strengthen running muscles.

1 Stand upright with arms bent at 90 degrees.

2 When time starts, begin running in place. Attempt to bring each ankle to the height of the opposite knee while running as quickly as possible in place. Also Read: How sitting less improves your health?


#7 Surfers

10 minute full body workout
Figure 7: Surfers

Surfers improve upper- and lower-body strength and coordination.

1 Begin by lying facedown on the ground, with palms on the ground, as if getting ready to do a Push-Up.

2 Using the upper body, lower body, and trunk, jump to your feet as quickly as possible, landing in a Squat position, with one leg in front of the other, body slightly sideways, as if riding a surfboard.

3 Return to a facedown position and repeat with the other leg landing forward.


#8 Worm Walkouts

10 minute full body workouts
Figure 8: Worm Walkouts

Worm Walkouts require strength and coordination of upper- and lower-body muscles.

1 Begin by standing upright, with feet shoulder-width apart.

2 Perform a Squat and place hands on the ground inside of the feet at the bottom of the motion.

3 Once the hands make contact with the ground, walk them out in front of the feet as far as possible, preferably to a point where your hands are well out in front of your body, both legs are straight, and the torso is parallel to the ground.

4 Once the hands are out as far as possible, bend the knees and walk the hands back to the bottom of the Squat position, then return to the start position and repeat.

How To Perform 10 Minute Workout Plan At Home

These exercises can be performed at home without any equipment. No need to go gym just include these workouts in your daily routine and see the magic. All the included workouts are designed to have you perform each movement for thirty seconds, to elevate your heart rate to the high-intensity range, with ten seconds of rest in between movements. This ten-second rest period allows just enough time for a short recovery. A recovery period enables you to achieve a high level of intensity during the intervals. Without a rest between these high-intensity bouts, significant fatigue would set in and you would have to decrease the intensity in order to finish the workout. If the rest period is too long, your body doesn’t experience enough stress to force a change. Also Read: 50 Best Workouts At Home Without Any Equipment

Safety Instruction For Home Workout Plan

I create fitness programs for people at all different fitness levels because no single program is right for everyone. It’s important to meet with your doctor prior to starting any fitness program, particularly a program that includes high-intensity training like this one. Once you’ve received a clean bill of health, be sure to tailor your exercise program to determine the safest, most effective intensity for your training. The intensity of exercise is what ultimately determines its safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. Monitoring your heart rate and how you feel during exercise are the most common ways to measure exercise intensity. Talk to your doctor about determining the safest, most effective exercise heart rate for you. And always pay attention to how you feel during your workouts. Exercising at intensities that make you sick, dizzy, or otherwise impaired can have a serious negative effect on your health. Regardless of the hype, it actually does more harm than good and is not recommended.


These workouts are specially designed to be performed at home without any equipment. Include these exercise in your daily routine for maximum result. If you have hectic schedule then these are the best workout plans for you under 10 minutes. It takes only 10 minutes to perform these exercise and provides you maximum result. Fat loss, healthy physique, strong muscles everything can be achieved through these workouts so include it in your daily workout routine.










Hello there, I am a fitness expert and love helping people to have their massive transformation. Follow my guide, tips and tricks and your will definitely get your fitness goals.

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