• April 3, 2020
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selfie for weight loss

Why Snapping Selfies Is Important During Weight Loss?

Scales and body-fat percentages may give you important numbers, but don’t get stuck on those figures as your only measures of progress. It is actually your own figure that will give you a true sense of how far you’ve come on your fitness program. And the best way to judge this is to snap some photos or you can try snapping selfies of yourself before you even start your plan. Let see why it is important to snap some pictures during your weight loss journey. Such action can help you motivate to workout and reach your target goal. Once you achieve your goal then you can look back at those fat picture of yourself and realize that you have achieved it. Believe me that will be the best feeling in your life.

Snapping Selfie During Weight Loss Is Important!

Snap Selfie Of Your Fat Body

Strip down to just your skivvies or a swimsuit, and take or have someone take pictures of you from all four sides. Seeing yourself from all angles may be pretty disheartening, but don’t try for flattering shots: in these “before” photos you want to see the real state of your body. Hiding your fat body does not make any sense because you need to know what’s wrong before to take any action for solution. So remove your clothes get on your skivvies or swimsuit and take a selfie with a smile on your face. That selfie need to remind you where you need to go and once you get there it will again remind you what you have achieved. So believe me taking selfie for fat loss in not a bad idea.

Stay Motivated In Your Weight Loss Journey

Stick the photos in a spot you can’t miss them, and then every few weeks, snap a new set to see just how far you’ve come. Eventually, there will come a day when you know for sure you are snapping a set of true “after” pics. These before and after photos are better than any scale for telling the story of your own transformation. Story of fat loss is not a joke, it can inspire many people who are trying to loss some extra kilos. Once you have reached your goal you can always share your fat loss journey with others so that they get motivated and reach their destiny. Your before selfies can add some extra proof that you have gone through that phase, just carry those as a medal that you have achieve by believing on yourself. In fact I suggest to frame your picture and decorate your walls with it. Also Read: 50 Best Home Workout For Fat Loss


Weight loss journey is not easy, it requires mental, physical, financial, emotional preparation. You need to stay strong and believe on yourself. I have gone through it and I can say that it was fun. I still look at my old pictures and feel proud on what I am today. A small selfie of yourself can bring a smile on your face, keep you motivated and remind you what is your goal and what you have achieved in a long term. So taking selfie during your weight loss journey is not a bad idea.


Hello there, I am a fitness expert and love helping people to have their massive transformation. Follow my guide, tips and tricks and your will definitely get your fitness goals.

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