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how to measure body fat precentage

How To Measure Your Body Fat?

These days, there are also several types of devices that measure the percentage of fat in your body. Although there is not a lot of research yet on just how this number relates to your general health, it may be an indicator of your chances of a weight-related ailment. So here are some best way to measure your body fat percentage.

4 Best Ways To Measure Your Body Fat

Body Fat Scales

There are home body fat scales that use bio-electrical impedance (BIA) to gauge mass, water, and fat by sending an electrical current through your body and timing how long it takes. At present they are considered unreliable—drinking a lot of water can change readings by 10 percent.

Handheld BIA Devices

These easy-to-use devices are often used in gyms, but they suffer the same reliability issues as body fat scales, and are often costly. Also Read: How to perform muscle strength testing at home?


Caliper gauging, also known as the “pinch test,” measures skin thickness at different places in your body. The resulting numbers are then plugged into a formula that estimates body-fat percentage based on age and gender. The pinch test is fairly accurate, but it can’t be done properly without assistance, and it only measures subcutaneous fat.

Hydro-static Weighing

The most accurate readings of body fat come from hydro-static weighing—which means you sit on a special stool underwater and expel as much air as possible while the machine weighs you. Check with a local university to find a facility that offers it. New high-tech machines that are nearly as accurate as hydro-static weighing (that allow you to stay dry)are now offered at some gyms.

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